Wood Stoves

Wood is a renewable resource and is still readily available at little or no cost.. If you don’t have access to firewood, you can find pressed-wood logs in most grocery, home and lumber stores. Please remember that some brands of pressed logs burn better than others and you should experiment with different brand until you find the one you feel works best.

When the power goes out wood stoves are an excellent second source of heat. No moving parts or electrical concerns will stop your wood stove from providing heat for your family. Wood is easily stored against such emergencies and scrap lumber from the shop or last summers project is easily substituted in a pinch.

Wood stoves are an excellent choice for zone heating and can be expected to be useful for a very long time. Many stoves purchased 20 years ago are still providing warmth to their owners.

Today’s wood stoves meet or exceed emissions standards in even the toughest states. They are very clean burning and many are equipped with an “airwash” system that keeps the glass clean. Modern wood stoves leave a minimum of ash and get up to 12 hours burn time on a low setting.. New wood stoves maximize your enjoyment of the fire, as well as reduce maintenance for a pleasurable way to heat your home. (We recommend that you burn your stove hot for about an hour each day to reduce build up of deposits on the glass and chimney.)

When choosing a wood stove please remember that bigger is not always better! A small home with a big stove could get very uncomfortable. Since these units are not controlled by a thermostat they will not moderate their heat output. Ceiling fans and a smaller stove should help disperse heat without driving you out of your home.


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