Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves and inserts are ideal as a primary or supplementary heat source, and are very effective for zone heating . One consideration to heating with a pellet stove which you should consider is that it requires electricity to operate the auger and blowers. This could be an issue during a power outage however, your stove can be supplemented with a battery system or generator for a reasonable cost which makes this a non issue.

Today’s pellet stoves are attractive like Cascade Pellet Stove, efficient, and safe. High-quality units will have a number of safety sensors for your protection and be made to provide you years of comfort and enjoyment.

Pellet stoves don’t need a chimney either, a simple exhaust outlet can be vented through any exterior wall of the house for example Stove Optima 2.

Good pellet stoves should produceĀ Advantage II-T Pellet Stove 1 gram or less per hour of particulate emissions Emissions which is far below Federal requirements. Pellets are environmentally friendly as well. They are made entirely from sawdust, a waste product of the lumber industry. Pellets cost about 3 dollars per bag and should provide heat for a 1500 square foot home for 24 to 48 hours depending on the setting and will last even longer if the stove provides only supplemental heat. By using the best grade of pellets, your stove should produce about a half a cup of ash per bag and will burn hotter (BTU output varies, depending on the brand of fuel you use.)




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