Heating a home is not an exact science and often times is subject to the desires and preferences of the individual. Because of that fact choosing the perfect stove to heat your living space is a matter of personal preference. There are probably several different models for you to choose from which will do a great job of heating your home. That’s where your preference comes in. There are also many different stoves which for various reasons will not do the job for you at all and cause nothing but aggravation. Please call us to discuss your individual situation so we can help you look in the right direction.

Every Home is different and lend them selves to different methods of heating. If you have an open floor a single central heating source any work well for you. If you live in a home with many rooms and spend most of your time in a few of them then a zone heating approach may make more sense. This could mean either installing a gas, wood, or pellet unit to supplement your central heating system, or installing smaller units in specific areas of the home.

Some of the factors which must be considered before picking your new stove are:

  • ┬áThe floor of your home
  • The overall square footage of your home
  • How much insulation in your walls and ceiling
  • Number and insulation value or OR value of your windows
  • How airtight your home is
  • How air flows in your home
  • You temperature comfort range

A gas stove rated at 30,000 BTU will heat approximately 1200-1500 square feet. Gas will give you the most even heat. Some stoves will even be adjustable to set the heat output.

Pellet stoves generally have five feed settings. Pellet heat provides more consistent warmth than wood making them adaptable to your personal level of comfort.,

Wood burning stoves provide radiant heat. It is an excellent choice for zone heating or as an additional source of heat. Be careful however, the size of the firebox and the amount of space heated are related. In addition you would be well advised to remember that well seasoned wood and the type of wood used has a large bearing on the heating ability of your stove

This is only the beginning of heating 101! When you call us we will be happy to help figure out your wants and needs to better direct you to the heating choice which is best for your situation. Give us a call!.


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