Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are a great choice for almost any location in your home. They can be Direct-vented or vented through an existing flue or vented with stove pipe through the roof. Because they are so versatile they can be placed pretty much wherever the home owner wants to put them.

Your may get a Gas Stove set up for natural gas or propane, and most will operate during a power failure. They are extremely low-maintenance, and their are no fuel storage issues, mess, or ash disposal concerns.. Modern gas stoves and inserts have natural looking logs and can easily be mistaken for the “real thing”. You get ease of maintenance and all of the ambiance of a fire in your home.

Gas stoves and fireplaces allow you to control your BTU output by up to a half of it’s rated output, This allows you to adjust your fuel consumption to meet your specific heating requirements. Gas stoves require less clearance than wood stoves. Unlike wood burners, some gas stoves are able to sit as close as 4″ from a back wall.

Gas heat is convenient, easy to use, and provides a fire with the flip of a switch. Or with an automatic thermostat. Zone heating has never been any easier!. The installation of a thermostat may also provide you with an energy rebate from your power company, contact them and ask. Zone heating with gas has never been more efficient or simpler to use than the modern stoves provided by Nevels Stoves.


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